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Black Hawk College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, 230 North LaSalle Street., Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604.; 800-621-7440

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太阳城集团博彩很高兴为您提供符合1965年高等教育法的信息列表, as amended, 以及《太阳城集团博彩》.

For information regarding associations, agencies, 和/或认证的政府机构, 批准或许可学校及其课程, 以及学生可以获得学校认证审查副本的程序, licensure or approval, 联系这里的学术部门或参考 college catalog.

General information:
Campus and Extension Locations

Credit Degree and Certificate Programs
Community & Continuing Education Programs
Adult Education Programs
Business Training

Cost of attending:
View tuition and fees here or contact the Bursar’s Office or the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Also, learn more about Payment policies and Withdrawal procedures.

Campus safety:
BHC Police Department
Campus Crime Report
Emergency Responses

 如果学生或BHC员工担心学生表现出“危险信号”行为或参与学生不当行为事件(但不需要立即干预),欢迎他们填写一份 Behavioral Incident Report.

有关住宿的信息,请联系 Disability Services 在四城校区或东校区的太阳城集团博彩办公室.

FERPA policy:
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) established the right of students to inspect and review their education records; provides that personally identifiable information will not, with certain exception, be disclosed without the student’s written permission; provides for guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal or formal hearings; grants students the right to file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office concerning alleged failures of the College to comply; and makes provisions for notice to the students concerning their rights.

太阳城集团博彩已采取的政策和程序实施FERPA,其中概述在 BHC academic catalog.

Drug-Free Schools and Community Act

如果学生参与非法传播受版权保护的材料,他们可能会受到刑事和民事处罚. 太阳城集团博彩监控网络活动,并利用网络流量整形来阻止非法文件共享和版权使用. 欲了解更多信息,请参阅学生手册.


Student Complaints
有投诉的学生应该与被投诉的人一起工作. 如果那个人不在或者学生对和那个人一起工作感到不舒服, 学生应与BHC员工讨论投诉,BHC员工可以指导学生找到合适的人. 学生也可以联系主任, Dean, Vice President, 执行主任或第九条协调员寻求援助. 希望在不与人交谈的情况下提出投诉的学生可以通过填写 太阳城集团博彩网站联系表格. 如果这个问题在BHC没有得到迅速和公平的解决, the student may 向伊利诺伊州社区大学委员会投诉 或者州外的在线学生也可以 在他或她居住的州提出申诉.

Note: 太阳城集团博彩代表爱荷华州在爱荷华大学学生援助委员会注册. 爱荷华州居民学生谁希望询问太阳城集团博彩或 file a complaint in Iowa may contact the commission.
475 SW Fifth St., Suite D
Des Moines, IA 50309

Black Hawk College’s Refund Policy 
Black Hawk College is a member of the 国家授权互惠协定 (SARA),确保BHC在线课程的质量, 为学生提供实习机会, 简化了与住在另一所学校的学生分享在线课程的过程 SARA state. IMPORTANT: 学生从学校授权的州转到未授权的州可能会遇到不利的后果.

Voter registration:
有关资料及选民登记申请,可于 Illinois State Board of Elections

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